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Choosing The Right Contractor

Do Your Homework:

1)  Ask friends, neighbors, or co-workers for contractors referrals.

2)  Before hiring a contractor, get his or her name, address, and phone number.  Confirm the company's existence by calling information.

3)  Ask to see references, and check up on them.  If possible, take a look at other work performed by the same contractor.

4)  Verify that the contractor has adequate liability and workers' compensation and insurance.

Be Wary

5)  Always be suspicious of contractors who solicit work from you, especially those who seek construction work on a door-to-door basis.

6)  Watch out for contractors who offer a price that's too good to be true.  Low bids usually come from novice or desperate contractors and usually
result in markups, change orders, and overall shoddy work.

7)  Be wary of any free termite, radon, or lead tests offered by contractors.  Contractors sometimes use tactics like bogus meters or will sprinkle
sawdust and even a few termites bodies around to convince you of your termite problem.

8)  Be suspicious of contractors promising low prices on products.  When these products are found unsuitable for your project  which can be the case,
a contractor then may use high pressure sales tactics to sell you a better product at a drastic mark-up.

9)  When disasters like floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes strike, be careful of the scam artists they attract.  There is always a great deal of repair work
to be done after a natural disaster - and overwhelmed homeowners are ideal victims for fraudulent contractors.  Be suspicious of contractors and
repairmen who act as if they will toss all their work aside to solve your problems.

10)  In the aftermath of a natural disaster, you should be especially wary of price gouging.  Get at least three different bids before hiring a contractor.

Get It In Writing

11)  Always sign a contractor, and make sure change orders are in writing.

12)  Make sure your contractor is using quality products, which you can specify in your contract.  Contractors could use substandard products in
hidden or less visible areas such as insulation, wiring, and roofing.  Often the cheap products are not discovered until years later, when there is a

13)  Do not fall victim to intimidation.  Halfway through a project, disreputable contractors can jack up prices and intimidate homeowners into paying
extra money to get the job done.  Many consumers will pay more to complete a job, or to avoid lawsuits or sabotage.

14)  Beware of contractors who make extra work.  Once the job is underway, these contractors will try to convince you that they can't "do it right"
unless you authorize additional projects.  Also be wary of contractors hired to work on one part of your home who notice a "problem" in another.

15)  After a job is completed, as for old parts to make sure replacements really were installed.

Pay for Finished Work

16) Don't pay for a job up front.  Never pay for more than 30 percent of the estimated cost in advance.  Be sure to ask if there is a price for an

17) Before you pay, make sure the work is done properly, or get an inspection.  Be sure to check the identification of all "inspectors."

18)  Pay by check, never by cash.
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