Welcome to Complete Home Services.  
Founded in 2001.  Complete Home
Services company is located in Nashville,
TN  and specializes in kitchens,
bathrooms and basement remodeling.  
The goal is best expressed by owner
Michael Ballone "When the homeowner
tells you that it's better than they ever
Over the years, Complete Home Services has compiled a diverse
portfolio of projects, bound by the common threads of top quality
and the highest grade of craftsmanship.  These projects vary
from residential renovations and additions, to historic restoration
and specially custom designed decks.
Let us show you how the
quality and craftsmanship of
Complete Home Services
Remodeling can work for you!
It really makes a difference
who your customers
are....read what they say
about Complete Home
Complete Home Services is a
locally owned business now
serving the Nashville, TN area.  
Top Quality is only one of the
many strong principles and
values that Complete Home
Services does for their
Complete Home Services, LLC
Make your home your dream home, Complete Home Services!
For the Best Room in the House!

Nolensville, TN  37135
Phone:  (615) 349-0909
We understand and respect the significant investment your project
represents and provide it the attention it deserves from start to finish.  
Our craftsmanship is the finest, our job sites are kept clean and safe.  
Join us in building a more sustainable future, one project at a time.
Quality you can count on and service you can trust...
Complete Home Services
at (615) 349-0909